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Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Can Vigil provide managed services for my existing security system?
    Almost certainly. The open-architecture Genetec system works with most cameras and door controllers. Call us to discuss, or you can check for yourself here: We can also recommend and perform selected hardware upgrades to improve your visibility and control of your facilities.
  • Does Vigil provide 24x7 monitoring?
    Yes. For clarity, there are two service levels: 1) The Vigil team operates during US business hours to monitor your system for uptime and performance, verify camera operation, respond to video evidence requests, make access control changes, and generally make sure your security system performs to your standards. 2) You may optionally receive our 24x7 GSOC service, which responds to alarms according to your SOPs.
  • How does Vigil work with my existing security systems integrator?
    You will continue to receive on-premise service from your current dealer, and they bill you for our service. The Vigil team stays in close operational contact with your security department, but the business relationship is owned by your existing security systems integrator.
  • What does the service cost?
    Annual pricing for Vigil is based on the number of cameras, doors, sites, level of system management, and your need for 24x7 monitoring.
  • How does Vigil Managed Services help us?
    Vigil Managed Services is an add-on service that complements the security system support you are already delivering, and leads to greater client satisfaction with their Genetec installations. You continue to own the client relationship, and billing for Vigil services is done through you.
  • Can we install and configure a federated Genetec parent server on our own?
    Licensing fees for Genetec, and the expertise required to configure the server, makes it much more cost-effective to use Vigil.

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