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About Us.

Based in Hamilton NY, the Vigil team is composed of Genetec-certified experts who take a proactive approach to managing your company’s Genetec system. 

We manage multisite systems globally for companies in pharmaceuticals, utilities, manufacturing, fitness, and other industries. 

We are an authorized dealer for dozens of manufacturers of security technology, including surveillance cameras, access control hardware, intercoms, software, and more. We preconfigure this equipment, install a complete security system at each of your sites, and network them together to give you complete visibility and control. 

Once operational, our managed service team assumes proactive responsibility for the management of the system according to your needs. We ensure the cameras and doors are working properly, order service when necessary, make user access changes at your request, provide 24x7 monitoring, deliver video evidence on demand, and more. 

Vigil is the managed services division of Secuni (formerly Dynamic Security LLC), a New Jersey-based technology integration firm that solves physical security problems for industrial, commercial, and educational organizations. Our staff has been helping companies with global security operations since 2009. 


The Vigil Team.


Tim Collins

General Manager

Tim has more than 25 years of experience in law enforcement and 12 years as a security technology integrator. 

Bart Face Shot.jpg

Bart Kartoz


Bart has more than 30 years of experience building service organizations and is an expert in security systems design.


Dylan Collins

Director of Support

Dakota Thomas for Vigil.JPG

Dakota Thomas

Support Agent

Andrew Benkard for Vigil-fixed.JPG

Andrew Benkard

Business Development

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