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All your facilities should meet corporate security standards.

Our managed services team raises the operational performance at your Genetec-equipped facilities. 

The answer to limited and high-turnover operations staffing.

Outsource vital Genetec tasks to Vigil agents


No Missing Video
All cameras operational and clearly focused


Proper Access Control
Complete and accurate card access for employee and contractors


Limit Potential Liability Events
Vigil recovers and securely shares important security footage

Vigil-Genetec Diagram - transparent 31mar2022.png

Vigil Managed Services is Trusted by


About Us.

Vigil Managed Services is a team of Genetec security systems experts dedicated to delivering higher operational efficiency at all your corporate facilities.

We can provide, configure, and install the security hardware for all your facilities, and remotely manage and monitor this complete system for cost-effective and high-performing operation. 

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